Carpenters’ Apprentice Ready Program

Carpentry is a skill that serves as a solid foundation for a fulfilling career, one that can elevate and transform lives. If you’ve never considered the possibilities of a carpentry career or lacked avenues to explore it further, look no further than the Carpenters’ Apprentice Ready Program (CARP). This program is designed to equip aspiring individuals with the necessary tools to excel as Union Carpenters right from the start.

CARP focuses on identifying and training individuals who face barriers to employment in the building trades, including motivated women, people of color, and other residents of Philadelphia. By becoming a Union Carpenter, you gain access to competitive wages, comprehensive healthcare coverage, retirement benefits, and continuous educational and training opportunities, enabling you to progress in your career with confidence.

CARP Training Includes

Being Successful in Construction through Attitude, Character, and Ethics
Working with the Tools and Material – Shop Skills & Safety
Construction Math – Measurement and Beyond
Interview Skills, Resume Building, Job Search Skills