Andreina Perez Hein is on the Mayoral Transition Team

Everybody Builds’ Executive Director Andreina Perez Hein has been pleased to play a role in the Parker Transition Committee and work to increase economic opportunity for all Philadelphians. As a member of the Mayoral Transition Team’s subcommittee on Commerce & Economic Development, Andreina has been working with other community leaders to help shape the future of Philadelphia. For more information on the Transition Committee or to submit and idea of your own to the city, visit 

“I have said that I will bring together the best and brightest from within City government, across Philadelphia and the region, and across the country; and crafting the policies that will create tangible results out of our promises on the campaign trail: to make Philadelphia the safest, cleanest and greenest city in America with economic opportunity for all. The lift of the transition will be heavy, but this will be the team to do it.”

Cherelle L. Parker 

Mayor, City of Philadelphia

Mayor Cherelle L. Parker speaks at a graduation ceremony for the Philadelphia’s Carpenters Apprentice Ready Program (CARP) held at the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Carpenters Technical College.